A few odds and ends that spark interest would be..

Fatshark HDO2

Still on the fence about swapping entirely over to digital, a set of these with or without a module might still be worthy to own.

Team Blacksheep Mambo

Not a huge fan of bulky radios, however, it can always be the loaner when someone wants to join in for a group session.

Beast F7 55A V2.1 AIO (MPU6000)

Always had interest in this board, but loosing an ESC would just hurt over the traditional stack and independent ESC’s. But when looking at sub 250g…

Rcinpower GTS V3 2105+ 1850KV

While these just may be some weird niche motors, the colors are fun and the spec sheet on these is impressive.

TBS Tracer Nano RX

Handy to have laying around the bench for moments of eureka. Easy to work with and even easier to update / bind.

2Fiddy 5″ Frame

Hats off to Tommy on this one – 51g frame that is pretty hard to break. Would love to build an analog version w/ Gopro sub 250.

Well there it is. A few items on the wishlist, so if you or someone you know are selling these – look us up and haggle.

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