Hydro dipping Frames

So this hype train on hydro dipping just about everything imaginable looks too fun to miss out on! We plan on trying our hand at it with carbon frames and making some unique looking aircraft. What can go wrong?

Waterproofing our quads

This concept seems a no brainer for any pilot wanting to extend life to their quad, and fly in less favorable conditions. How much weight it will add, and how much heat will be trapped is yet to be determined.

Good soldering practices

Won’t even pretend our soldering skills are ‘pro’ level, but, with continued practice, it does get easier. Clean tools, workspace, and good Rosin solder go a long way for those nice shiny beads. Don’t give up is our mantra.

Website design

Thanks WordPress for the framework! But for real, this website is a work in progress with trying new things, esthetics, and personal flair. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t aggro people to badly, while we learn.

Thinking we aren’t crazy at this point? Cool! Learn more about us.

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