Middleman on LFM Players

Do you need a middleman?

What is a middleman you may ask? Middleman or 'MM' is a term used to act as the 'third wheel' or 'chaperone' that oversees and helps as a mediator when two or more parties have trust issues with one another. They takes no sides in their tasks, and do only what both parties agree him or her to do.

Not sure about your seller or buyer? Just want to add another level of security to your transaction? LFMPlayers will step in for those that need the service.

A multistage process that protects the integrity of all parties would be started. Following a flow of different stages, both the seller and buyer would have to 'sign off' in agreement during these stages to ensure they want to continue and are happy.

How does this apply to player accounts of various games? Here is a classic example of how a typical, assisted sale would take place.

Stage One

Buyer and seller agree they need a MM to help with their transaction as neither one want to release funds or account info first. MM is then hired by either party or they agree to each pay half the fees each.

Stage Two

MM contacts the seller of the account and requests the log in and password for the master account. MM then changes the login email and password, while working with the seller if email confirmation is needed to make the changes. Once the seller is now 'locked out' of their account, MM then contacts the buyer that Stage Two is complete. If the buyer wants the MM to inspect and actually log into the player account, both parties must be patient if the MM needs to then download, install and inspect the inventory of the player account.

Stage Three

Once the buyer is happy that the account is good to go, the MM tells the buyer to send the seller the agreed upon price of the player account. MM will then wait to hear confirmation from the seller that payment was received and they are happy. Upon the seller confirmation, the MM will then contact the buyer of the player account and release the log in and password information to them. Once the buyer has control of the account, the MM has completed their duty in assisting both parties with their transaction.

A middleman will never takes sides and will only do what is asked of them. If you decide to use LFMPlayers as a middleman, you can be assured we treat each transaction case by case, and very seriously. We strive for both parties to have a successful transaction, however, sometimes someone gets cold feet. Fees paid to LFMPlayers for middleman services are non refundable, to whomever paid. LFMPlayers reserves the right to record, use and or publish video, audio, text, or emails from all parties involved to prove and protect its integrity against false claims and or misconduct.

Cost of middleman services

LFMPlayers typically charges a minimal $20.00 USD non refundable fee for middleman services per player account, regardless if successful or not. Please contact us if you need our service and to make an appointment date.