Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. LFMPlayers collects 5% from every successful sale on the site. In the event LFMPlayers acts as a middleman, the charge will be $15 USD + 5% of the total sale.

While it is rare, at times our mail has ended up in junk folders. Not often, but it happens time to time. Should this persist, please Contact Us.

Our system prevents any member from creating listings UNTIL they enter their details within their profile and select a membership package found in MY ACCOUNT. Once completed and saved, try again.

You can still use Paypal to pay via major credit card without creating an account. If this isn’t an option for you, please contact the seller before placing a bid to see if you can achieve an agreement.

We are always expanding our game list, however some game titles are only found within sites such as Steam, Origin, UPlay, PSN and Xbox. Should your game fall into one of these Categories, please create a listing within that section.

We are looking at the pros and cons of offering our members upgraded packages and what that would look like or offer. For now, we like the free model provided that allows all members presently 100 free listing, each with 6 picture uploads.