FAQ on LFM Players

I registered but never received a confirmation email. What gives?

Some email providers will filter our emails to you, but don't fret! First start by checking your JUNK folder and see if our emails to you are there. If they did manage to end up there, you should have the option to select an option to either 'white list' or not mark our emails as spam. Below are a few quick fixes for some more popular email account sites that have made it to the faq.


If we have ended up in your hotmail junk folder, you can simply open the email and select 'This is not spam' and it will automatically place our email into your Inbox. You also can click the small gear in the top right hand corner of the hotmail page and select option for safe mailing list and senders. Simply push the '+' symbol and add [email protected] and save.


Check your junk mail first and foremost as Gmail spam filter is set pretty high upon creation of your account. If we are in your junk folder you can open the email and mark our messages as 'Not Spam' and this should bring our email into your inbox and you won't have any more issues.


Again, start with checking your junk mail. If we are there, add our email address¬†[email protected] to your Yahoo! Mail Contacts. Yahoo! will usually deliver email from addresses that are in your Contacts.

Why an auction style website for selling game accounts?

Good question for the FAQ. Seems an odd day when we place our  long, grinded game accounts to the masses to bid on. Truth of the matter really relies on the game owners struggling to put a price tag on hours, weeks, months of grinding and then pricing that fairly for someone else to be enticed to buy. Just because someone says their account is worth $100, the sad truth of the matter is its worth ONLY what someone is willing to pay. An auction style listing has the potential to be sold less than, or more than what the owner may have anticipated. Food for thought.

What is LFMPlayers stand in regards to the accounts being sold?

LFMPlayers offers its members a place to buy and sell amongst one another in a auction style format. The dealings between members is up to them to communicate properly, effectively, and honor the 'digital handshake'. We encourage everyone to act honorable, however it is impossible for anyone to claim they can enforce it.

Does LFMPlayers collect a commision?

LFMPlayers does collect 5% off every successful sale from listings. So if we do some quick math, for every 100$, the seller would collect 95$ and LFMPlayers would get 5$.

I have won my first listing, or I have sold my first listing. What happens next?

Buyer - Congratulations on your new account if you have the winning bid for an account. You will be prompted to make your payment so the seller can receive their money.

Seller - Congratulations on selling your first listing! The buyer will be alerted that payment is due, and once you have received your payment, contact the buyer with a private message on LFMPlayers, or via whatever method you have agreed upon with the buyer to begin the transfer of account information.