Buyer and Seller Tips

What does it mean to be a smart buyer?

We all are individuals, each different from one another, yet, at times we can agree and see someone else’s point of view. What does it mean to be a smart buyer? Allow me to break down what I do when thinking about buying someone’s account whom I don’t know, or know personally.Key questions I would ask the seller:

  • Are you the original owner of the account?
  • How long have you owned the account?
  • Approximate hours played on the account?
  • How many accounts have you sold in the past?
  • Have you had any infractions with the account? (temporary suspensions / bans / warnings?)
  • Is the account in good standings with global chat? (no troll status, begging, spamming, griefing or being an all around asshole?)
  • Are you willing to give me ALL information for the account? (Full Name, Address, phone number, last 4 digits of CC, email used, paypal transaction # / date, product key, secret question (s) & answer (s), ect)
  • Will you part with the original email used upon creation and giving me full access to do as I will with it, or change the email to one you can give to me that is now linked to the game account?
  • Are you willing to chat on the phone / video chat to feel one another out as buyer / seller stranger danger?
  • Are you willing to work with a middleman?
  • Willing to take me on a tour of the account via SKYPE SHARE SCREEN, Facetime or other real time video service so I can see the account first hand before buying?
  • Do you have an ebay account? If so, what is the handle you use there and its rating? May I send you a message on ebay and you reply from your ebay account with an agreed upon answer?

Above are some classic and legitimate questions that should be easily answered by a seller and agreed upon with no real hesitation. Let’s face it, I don’t know you from adam, nor would the seller know me. Should a seller not be willing to go the extra mile to provide an added layer of assurance such as the example questioning above, I would raise an eyebrow in the sense of legitimacy of the account, and potentially start looking for a new seller who would cater to me.

We all know our own comfort level when dealing with the unknown, so should your gut tell you to walk away and look elsewhere, you shouldn’t ignore it. However, should you ignore your own inner voice and something bad does happen, then that is on you, and you alone, for taking the risk.

In closing thoughts of buying a game account from someone else you don’t know, or may know personally; patience with a side of caution is advised. Most people nowadays use Paypal, because its fast, easy and handles most of our online shopping habits. In the past, Paypal never had a policy to protect buyers or sellers dealing with digital and intangible goods, until July 1/ 2015. In short, you can now file disputes with Paypal and have them officially investigate the matter should a dispute happen between buyer and seller. Here is a link I found

Rule of thumb – if it sounds to good to be true and seems ‘too easy’, chances are it is. We may not be able to prevent all scams from happening to us as individuals, but we sure can make calculated choices when dealing with risk to help minimize its impact. The choice will always be yours.

What does it mean to be a smart seller?

We would all like to believe that selling something to someone else is an easy task, right? In most face to face cases, it’s a seamless task. Now when we are dealing with online purchasing, it is up to the seller of a product or service to ‘go the extra mile’ and be as descriptive as humanly possible to give a potential buyer the most informed education of what they will receive sight unseen. In the case of a gaming account; pictures and accurate, up to date description go a long way. Here is a common checklist I would follow in such a case.

  • Is my account ready to transferred to a new owner immediately or in a day’s notice?
  • Am I prepared to give up personal information to the buyer that is account related?
  • Is my description of the account accurate and up to date? (Levels, number of characters, currency, etc)
  • How badly do I want to sell my account?
  • What is my lowest price I will part with my account?
  • How flexible am I to cater a potential buyer?
  • Would I be in need of a middleman?
  • Will the buyer communicate with me via phone or video chat?
  • How will the buyer pay me? (face to face, eTransfer, Paypal, etc)
  • Has the buyer bought other accounts in the past? (Where, when, game titles)
  • What is the buyer’s views on chargeback & disputes?

As is most common with selling game accounts to someone you don’t know, the very first thing sellers think of is the fear of a chargeback and losing their gaming account with no recourse to recover it. A double loss. This being said, no matter what level of security we may try and surround ourselves with, if someone means to do another harm, there will always be a way. I follow my instincts and trust my own judgement when it comes to people.

Thankfully, Paypal has finally recognised the sale of digital and intangible goods, so provided you can service up hard evidence that indeed the account was delivered to the buyer, you have very good grounds to win a dispute in the case of a chargeback. In most cases, if you have a flexible buyer, who is willing to go the extra mile for you as the seller, and you feel good about the deal, chances are you both walk away happy and honor the ‘digital handshake’. You can never be too careful, but there is a fine line to caution and absolute paranoia. Should the later be true, then my suggestion would be NOT to sell your account and save your piece of mind.


In closing, we cannot control others but only ourselves. We know what level of risk we are willing to accept, and not accept. If something is raising red flags for you as a seller about a buyer, then heed your own warnings.


LFMPlayers has posted this for education / information purposes only and accepts no responsibility in the case of disputes between its members.