Nature Lovers

Digital gaming requires you to touch some grass at times

Since 1984, gaming has been an enjoyable time sink on various consoles and computers..

Games of all genres, and in their various forms, ranging from physical or digital, we enjoy. Who doesn’t like a quick round of Exploding Kittens? or finding who is sus in Among Us!

FPV provides an excuse to find obscure areas and just explore for hours on end.. just don’t forget the camera….

Some Fun Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves This Year


Strangers spectating


Crashes so far


Hours in the sun

So.. like…what is this website about then? a blog? a legit store? personal ranting?

Why not?

It’s the new millenium right? But, honestly what sparked the idea was joining a facebook group to buy and sell FPV equipment and just had too much to honestly list. And with Woocommerce, anyone can start a ‘store’ in a matter of minutes. So, it’s a new experience to explore, and feels like a digital garage sale more than a storefront. Win Win.

Gaming and flying..

Hey, who knew that in order to become a better pilot was to log hours into the sim? We learned the harder way – crashing and breaking a lot of carbon fibre, doling out oodles of cash and waiting WEEKS for those replacements. JUST TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. Do yourself a favor – stock up and have a reserve stash.

Words from the wise – do what makes you happy inside..

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